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What is the recommended treatment time? 

30 minute session, three times a week.

How long does it actually take to see results?
It depends on the condition of your hair at the beginning you used it.
It will take at least 4-6 months to find visual changes.
According to the particular peer-reviewed study, Jimenez et al. 2014, found out that nearly all subjects in the sample of 122 females 102 males experienced an increase in hair count during 26 weeks trial.
What are the side effects of laser treatment for hair growth?
The side effects are virtually zero. It’s noninvasive and painless.
However, Laser Hair Growth Cap is not recommended to use for children under the age of 18 years.

Is it safe to use Laser Hair Growth Cap at home?
Yes, Laser Hair Growth Cap was specifically designed for use in the home.

Will the lasers hurt my hairs or skin?
The wavelength of laser is 650 nanometers and invigorate circulation and stimulation that encourages hair follicles to grow hair.
It does no damage to your hairs and skin.